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   Top :: International Business and Trade : Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Surf-launched RC Bait Boats
Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Surf-launched RC Bait Boats
Manufacturers of the revolutionary Aqua Cat Dinglehopper - the world's first surf-launched RC bait boat for sea and dam fishing, recreational watersports and water rescue. Please visit our website for more info.
T: 082 4133510 F: 086 550 3057 C: 0824133510
Contact: Sue
Detailed Description: 
Introducing the world's first surf-launched RC Bait Boat for salt & fresh water angling, the new Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo. With an amazing 1 000m range in the ocean, lake, river and dam you can now put a game fish on your line without leaving the beach! Whether used in the sea or dam, the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper offers the ultimate fishing experience for young and old. This innovative fishing tool is totally waterproof, fully submersible, easy to operate and completely portable. Our boats are expertly crafted and shipped world wide, revolutionising shore angling wherever it is used. To view a video clip of the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper's spectacular performance in the ocean, please visit our website at Should you wish to place an order, please give us a call or drop us a line, we look forward to welcoming you on board!
From: International Business and Trade
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Date: 16 Jul 2009
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